We are proudly one of the most admired law firms in the country, according to leading national and international specialized publications. Our mission is to continually provide services with high efficiency, technical competence, and specialization.

We want to continue delighting our clients with dedication, kindness, and technical excellence, and we wish to continue supporting them, in a personalized way, to achieve their goals. Additionally, we aim to contribute to a society that is increasingly just, equal, and offers real opportunities for all Brazilians.

We provide comprehensive business advisory services in both consultative and contentious areas and are composed of a highly specialized team, recognized for its outstanding performance in capital-intensive and infrastructure industries and ventures such as Energy, Mining, Steelmaking, Oil & Gas, Heavy Construction, and Logistics.

Our team boasts numerous successful cases supporting national and foreign companies in highly complex and large-scale Operations and Projects.

We have offices in Belo Horizonte/MG, São Paulo/SP, and Rio de Janeiro/RJ, in addition to a network of partners and associates in various parts of Brazil and abroad, allowing us to provide global advisory services, always combining the high technical specialization of our professionals with a focus on results.

Internationally, we are the founders and exclusive representatives in Brazil of LFW – Law Firms Worldwide.

Pratice Areas

Sion Advogados is your trusted partner when it comes to managing environmental risk, including undertaking environmental due diligence, ensuring environmental regulatory compliance, preventing and defending against regulatory prosecutions, pursuing or defending environmental civil claims, structuring transactions involving environmental risk, and keeping up with this fast-moving area of the law. Our global environmental law team understands that clients seeking high-quality legal advice require lawyers with an in-depth understanding of environmental laws, policy and regulation, both at a global and domestic level. Our lawyers include legal planners, negotiators, former regulators, and advocates who have the expertise that comes with deep experience and an understanding of the complex issues that face corporate decision makers, lenders, and regulators. From air and water pollution, land contamination, habitat protection and climate change to sustainability, energy efficiency, waste minimization and use of renewables, our environmental lawyers know the importance of properly navigating environmental issues and risk mitigation for successful business operations. Now, more than ever, businesses cannot afford to ignore these issues as non-compliance can lead to criminal liability (both corporate and individual) and significant financial and reputational issues.

The Sion Advogados team is highly specialized in strategic litigation, both in judicial and administrative proceedings. We represent clients in the most varied types of disputes involving corporate law, contracts, civil liability, real estate, among others.

Clients can depend on both short and long term insight regarding any issue. After all, while a legal issue may be resolved today, clients must live with the results for years to come. Bearing it in mind, Sion Advogados offers clients a pool of expertise and experience that few other law firms can match, commercial lawyers handle all aspects of contractual work, from drafting to negotiation, supporting our national and foreign client day-to-day operations and tackling specific projects. The firm regularly draws up standard terms for clients as well as bespoke agreements for more complex transactions and advice on the key aspects of such contracts, including warranties, indemnities and limitations of liability. Sion Advogados is experienced in assessing the issues and ensuring that our clients understand the risks involved, as well as preparing legal documentation to address these issues.

Clients can depend on both short and long term insight regarding any issue. After all, while a legal issue may be resolved today, clients must live with the results for years to come. Bearing it in mind, Sion Advogados offers clients a pool of expertise and experience that few other law firms can match, commercial lawyers handle all aspects of contractual work, from drafting to negotiation, supporting our national and foreign client day-to-day operations and tackling specific projects. The firm regularly draws up standard terms for clients as well as bespoke agreements for more complex transactions and advice on the key aspects of such contracts, including warranties, indemnities and limitations of liability. Sion Advogados is experienced in assessing the issues and ensuring that our clients understand the risks involved, as well as preparing legal documentation to address these issues.

Sion Advogados put together an inter-disciplinary team, with strong background and impressive track record on Environmental, Social and Governance related practices, focusing on driving ESG best-practices within organizations.

Our team has deep knowledge and practical skills from advising clients of the most various sectors, which allow our firm to assist and advice on the definition, implementation and improvement of ESG performance criteria and manage and minimize crisis and risks, increasing our client’s services value and meeting a new demand of the market.

Organizations that meet ESG best-practices achieve the growing expectations of their investors, shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders, find new opportunities and have a greater chance of success in their business. Considering the challenge of managing more sustainable organizations, the legal advice on ESG related matters guarantees the adequacy of the legality of the practices and helps speed up the decision-making processes, always adjusted to the best international practices on the matter.

Our holistic approach grants Sion Advogados the expertise to provide a wide range of legal services, such as:

  • Assessment, regulatory compliance, internal controls evaluation and auditing.
  • Corporate and third-parties’ risks management.
  • ESG maturity assessment.
  • Preparation of ESG strategic matrix.
  • Consultancy on the creation and alignment of corporate governance.
  • Advising on merger and acquisitions focused in ESG criteria.
  • Assessment and advice on ESG reports.
  • Training teams to incorporate legal grounds of ESG criteria.
  • Drafting ESG contractual clauses.
  • Representation in administrative and judicial litigation involving ESG criteria.
  • Advising on financing transactions for infrastructure projects with sustainable bonds.
  • Support in defining the relevant sustainability criteria to be evaluated in relation to companies and its assets.

The global real estate market is growing in terms of complexity and sophistication. Investors, corporations, asset and fund managers, and financial institutions in the real estate sector need a legal team able to offer strategic transactional support on a cross-border basis. Sion Advogados in one of the few global law firms with the experience, skill and depth of resources necessary to deliver a high-level of service to real estate sector participants. Our team provides legal acts for clients across the full range of real estate, including insights and advices of the real estate law, acquisitions and dispositions, tenancy, location (including build to suit) mergers, land subdivisions, real estate guarantees, real estate bondage, advice on real estate transactions and urban development matters.

Sion Advogados mining team advises on all aspects of mining transactions and project development for domestic and global clients with mining interests. Clients rely on our comprehensive understanding of the mining industry and the critical business issues that face industry participants to help them successfully achieve their goals. The firm offers trusted counsel to our clients and assists them in achieving their financing, acquisition, governance and strategic goals in a practical and efficient manner. Mining sector clients rely on Sion Advogados to deliver creative legal solutions throughout the ups and downs of a cycle, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities, as well as to navigate through hostile situations to outcomes that maximize shareholder value. Mining companies and other industry players rely on our help to resolve all manner of high-risk, complex and sensitive mining disputes in court proceedings, administrative processes, and arbitrations. Our experience encompasses dispute-resolution regimes and investment treaties applicable to mining interests, including: regulatory compliance, exploration, surveying, mining and surface rights (including permits and licenses), assessment work, mine construction and operations, liens, mine and mining claims ownership, expropriations, aboriginal title, mining operations, proceeds from mining and closure and rehabilitation plans.

A equipe da Sion advogados é formada por profissionais de excelência e Know-how nos mais diversos segmentos do direito do trabalho. A equipe é referência na assessoria jurídica trabalhista nos mais delicados temas trabalhistas, com forte atuação no consultivo, contencioso judicial e administrativo, incluindo ações judiciais estratégias e de alta complexidade. Além disso, conduzimos políticas de remuneração de executivos, revisão de remuneração variável, planos de cargos e salários, direito sindical empresarial, Compliance e LGPD trabalhista.

Sion Advogados has a robust team of talented and experienced professionals, prepared to serve its clients in the basic sanitation sector with enormous dedication, quality and expertise. With extensive experience in serving industries and capital-intensive and infrastructure companies, the firm is able to support its clients in modeling projects, tenders, concessions and PPPs in the sanitation sector. Sion Advogados advises its clients on risk management, on contracts for the construction, management and operation of Water and Sewage Treatment Plants; financing operations and M&A of sanitation companies. The firm also acts in the preparation of consultations and opinions involving regulatory issues and in conducting legal audits (due diligences) in the basic sanitation sector.

With its complex and evolving requirements, corporate governance is a critical concern for management, directors and corporate stakeholders. Sion Advogados’ Corporate Law team provides advice to all types of company, including private and public companies, on their corporate routines, as well as on the structuring, negotiation and implementation of businesses and corporate organization. Our mergers and acquisitions practice is built upon four pillars: technical excellence, global reach, industry knowledge, and full-service capabilities; these resources, taken together, allow us to provide our clients with world-class support on their transactions. Sion Advogados offers to our clients the most qualified advice on audit and compliance procedures, planning, structuring, negotiation, and implementation of acquisitions and dispositions, investments, exchange or combination of equity interests or assets, organization of partnerships, joint ventures or strategic alliances, structuring and implementation of corporate restructuring, capturing and using synergies resulting from mergers and acquisitions, as well as any form of corporate restructuring.

Esta área econômica vem ganhando cada vez mais destaque no cenário nacional, principalmente com a expectativa gerada pela descoberta das “Reservas do Pré-Sal”. Ligado principalmente à produção de petróleo e gás natural, o setor demanda atuação estratégica e globalizada, com foco em planejamento, resultados e controle de alto risco. A Construção Pesada abrange a execução de obras que vão desde casas a rodovias, aeroportos e outros projetos de infraestrutura. O setor da construção alcançou em 2010 o melhor desempenho dos últimos 24 anos, com uma taxa de crescimento de 11,6%. Depois de um ano de retração, o setor de construção deverá ter, em 2021, o maior crescimento para o setor em 8 anos. Segundo projeções da Câmara Brasileira da Indústria da Construção (CBIC), o Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) do segmento deve alcançar 4% em 2021, depois de recuar 2,8% em 2020.

The sector is one of the pillars that support the Brazilian economy. It is responsible for 22.7% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The industry has a direct interface with Brazil and other countries, as the largest industrial park in South America is located in Brazil. According to sector estimates, industrial GDP will grow by 4.3% in 2021, driven by the manufacturing industry, with an expected increase of 5.7%. The extractive industry will grow by 2% and the construction industry is expected to grow by 4%.

Material flow management is the key activity of the Logistics sector, which includes the transport and storage of inputs and products, connecting them from production to consumption or export. Logistics modalities include, among others, Ports, Railways, Highways and Mining Pipelines. Due to its enormous territorial dimensions, Brazil has become a focus of investment that aims to enable the delivery of the country's growing production.

It covers processes, activities and services whose objectives are the successful extraction and financing of the exploitation of mineral substances stored in mineral deposits. It is a fundamental activity for the social, economic and financial development of contemporary societies. In Brazil, the mining sector stands out for attracting investments, guaranteeing a very positive impact on the national trade balance. According to the Federal Government, Brazil will invest R$350 billion by 2030 in the mining sector.

The Brazilian oil and gas sector attracts many investments, especially after the discovery and exploration of pre-salt reserves, which today account for more than 50% of the country's oil and gas production. According to sector agents, the expectation is that the demand for oil will reach its peak by 2040, which would imply the need for an increase in oil and gas activity in Brazil. In this sense, Sion Advogados has extensive expertise in legal advice related to the exploration and production of oil, gas and their derivatives in environmental and regulatory issues inherent to the sector.

Sector of the metallurgical industry dedicated to the manufacture of steel and cast iron, used as inputs for infrastructure works, civil construction, capital goods and consumer goods, both domestically and abroad. It is also one of the oldest industrial activities in the world. In the world production ranking, Brazil was in 9th place between the months of January and August 2020, with a total of 19.77 million tons.

"Alexandre Sion has conquered an enviable space among the brilliant in his field, thanks to an impeccable mix of deep competence, enormous capacity for relationships, and - above all - irrefutable principles of nobility and ethics."

Márcio Adriani Damazio
Executive Director of People, Legal and Vallourec Foundation at Vallourec South America
“I met Sion and his team in 2020 as a client in an M&A project in the mining area. I recommend them for their extreme competence, both for their in-depth knowledge of the topics and their excellence in customer service.”

Dyogo Augusto Machado
Diretor de Novos Negócios da Scheffer.
“I strongly recommend Alexandre Sion and his team. Great support with a professional approach.”

Fabiano F. S. Araujo
Director & Country General Manr at Horizonte Minerals.
“[...] Very high level of quality of the services provided so far, in which the punctuality, expertise, accessibility and availability of the office's professionals, in addition to the influence that this office has in the environmental community, has always received special attention.”

Renato Diniz
Gerente Executivo Jurídico, Grupo Aperam.
“Sion Advogados has provided robust, useful and timely services to our Company. Furthermore, they have always been able to establish a business environment where issues are addressed openly with a strong focus on the best solution for BAMIN.”

Claudio Menezes
CEO da Bahia Mineração.
“In addition to the great technical competence, zeal and punctuality, I draw attention to a very important characteristic of the firm, namely, knowing how to reconcile and mitigate legal risks with the business interests involved in the most complex demands submitted to them.”

Marcelo Luiz Pereira
Coordenador Jurídico na Concessionária da Rodovia MG 050 S.A (Atlântia Bertin Nascentes das Gerais).
“I worked with Alexandre on some projects and was able to experience his dynamism, commitment and focus on results. High level professional, very competent at what he does.”

Edgard Reis
Ex-CFO da Transnordestina Logística.
“Alexandre, in my opinion, is one of the most complete Brazilian lawyers in the areas of Mining and Environmental Law. I had the opportunity to trust his experience in these areas and therefore I highly recommend both him and his panel.”

Marcelo Martins Neto
Ex-Diretor na Vicenza Holding. Diretor na Xingu Capital.
“Alexandre is one of the most talented people I have ever met. He not only works hard, but he also works smart. I highly recommend him as the best lawyer.”

Weifan Wang
Diretor-Geral Adjunto na Innolux Corporation.
“The adv. Alexandre Sion is a dedicated professional, in-depth knowledge of environmental and mining law, in addition to having great ability to manage people.”

Fernando Café Carvalhaes
Gerente Geral de Relações Institucionais e Sustentabilidade na ArcelorMittal.
“Com grande satisfação registro minhas congratulações para o grande profissional e para o excepcional grupo de trabalho que compõem o escritório Alexandre Sion pela brilhante atuação no cenário jurídico, tal como pode ser aferido pela singular e ímpar trajetória.”

Gustavo Angelim Chaves Corrêa
Assessor Judiciário no Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de MG.
“Alexandre is an excellent professional, very competent, ethical, dedicated, always committed to exceeding expectations. Highly qualified in environmental and contractual issues. An attentive, available professional with excellent interpersonal skills.”

Raquel Delgado Passos
Ex-Legal Counsel na Gerdau.
“ […] working in the business sphere with extensive experience in Environmental Law, Mining, Civil, Administrative and Civil Procedure. [...] the firm [...] Sion Advogados deserves to be highlighted. A firm of notable and wide recognition in the legal world, corporate business and society.“

Gustavo Quintino dos Santos
Ex-Diretor Jurídico da Usiminas.
"Alexandre is a brilliant professional. His acumen in combining in-depth knowledge of the mineral sector, his competence in the areas of Environmental and Mining Law, combined with his ability to build excellent relationships, makes him stand out in his field of activity. This combination, plus his availability and active leadership in demands trigger excellent results."

Josiane Almeida
Senior Legal Counsel - Mining | Environmental | ESG - Vallourec.
“Although I don’t need presentations and recommendations, I need to be repetitive and record my admiration. Sion is a reference in the national legal scene. In front of sensitive issues in the Environment, Mining, Land and Regulatory, among others, he acts with efficient professionalism and elegance.”

Gustavo Mascarenhas Guedes
Legal Manager na State Grid Brazil Holding S.A.
“Alexandre Sion is an extremely qualified professional and a national reference in environmental matters. His office is made up of top-notch professionals who add value to clients’ businesses. Quality, management and strategy.”

Rachel Starling
Head of Sustainability/ ESG/Executive General Manager / Director – Fundação Renova.
“We have had the great honor of having the legal support of Sion Advogados in matters of Mining and Environmental Law. Differentiated commitment, dedication and competence with which the team handles the issues is demonstrated, always presenting innovative and feasible proposals to address the questions posed to them. I recommend the service provided by this team.”

Rogério Santana da Silva
Operacional and Labor Legal Manager at Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A.
"One of the most brilliant professionals I had/have the pleasure of working with. More than deserved recognition!!! Congratulations to you and the entire team."

Bruno Oliveira
Diretor Jurídico Global da Embraco.
“Alexandre is a modern, technical professional, a great negotiator and results-oriented. Excellent business partner!!!!”

Cristiano Podboy
Coordenador Jurídico Corporativo da CTEEP.
“I had the pleasure of learning about Alexandre's excellent work [...] when his company provided relevant legal support services in Contract Administration with international companies, [...] he showed vast knowledge in international law, ethics and loyalty, competence and excellent quality in its defenses.”

Olavo Cesar Silva
Ex-Diretor de Contratos da Mendes Júnior.
“Alexandre Sion is one of the best experts in environmental and mining legal issues in Brazil. He is a strong, direct leader and a cutting-edge professional.”

Daniel Santos
CEO da Mineração Taboca.
“Alexandre Sion is a lawyer with great technical capacity, easy to relate to and an expert in supporting companies in complex cases. I am happy to recommend it.”

Pedro Borrego
Ex-CEO Interino da Anglo American, divisão Iron Ore Brasil.
“Alexandre Sion is an excellent professional, in-depth knowledge of the environmental area, which is critical for the successful development of projects. Your help was essential when we worked together on a large and challenging project in MG.”

Alexandre Gomes
Ex-Diretor de Tecnologia & Inovação da Votorantim Metais.
“Alexandre is a very complete professional, with strong technical training and a strategic vision, focused on results. He always adds a lot to our projects and is a great professional to work with.”

Mauro Barros
Diretor Executivo na Belo Sun Mining Corp.
“Alexandre Sion made a significant impression on me [...] when we worked together. He had a difficult position, with many challenges in the legal field and he did well, demonstrating [...] a good understanding of the business as a whole.”

Luis Capitão Martins
Ex-Diretor de Estudos Técnicos na Anglo American.
“Alexandre is a thoughtful lawyer, sensitive to business needs [...] willing to contribute to the success of those around him. While I worked with Alexandre, [...] he proved to be a responsible, agile, experienced and dedicated partner in supporting the business [...]”

Frederico de Luca
Diretor Executivo na Copra Indústria Alimentícia Ltda.
“We hired Sion Advogados for an extremely sensitive topic, and with a lot of skill and knowledge in the environmental mining segment, the result was just the beginning of a great partnership. Alexandre is a professional who gets involved in topics together with his team, and has a company vision that is very important for developing excellent results. In addition to extreme technical capacity, he has excellent interpersonal skills that facilitate communication and support for companies.”

Natalia Vilela Nunes Leite
Advogada Jurídico Operacional na Ipiranga Produtos e Petróleo.
“Alexandre and his team have always provided excellent feedback on strategic demands. He stands out for his in-depth knowledge of Environmental Law, and for acting in a very dynamic and effective way.”

Fabio Luis Pereira Barboza
General Counsel da Argo Energia.
“[...] excellence in [...] environmental law. [...] vast experience, acquired in the corporate world and offices, which allows him versatility to deal with different areas related to environmental law, with regulatory law, in general, being his biggest differentiator. [...]”

Solange Costa
Responsável pelo Jurídico Global de Mineração da Vale.
“[...] Alexandre é um conselheiro jurídico bem experiente, com um grande número de casos de sucesso. Eu também o admiro por trabalhar em diversos ramos do direito com foco nos resultados a serem alcançados.”

Rodrigo Braga
Gerente Geral Jurídico na VLI Logística.
” […] As Legal Vice-President of Produbanco – Ecuador, I certify that I have known SION ADVOGADOS for approximately seven years. During this time, we developed a close relationship due to his professional qualities and honesty in his actions.”

Jorge Alvarado
Vice-Presidente Jurídico do Produbanco – Equador.
I have followed your trajectory for a long time and I know that these achievements are more than deserved, both for your talent and specialization - yours and that of the team - and for your determination to provide personalized, high-quality service. Congratulations!

José Sobral
Diretor jurídico, de Compliance e DPO do Grupo Equatorial Energia
“Alexandre Sion is a great professional who stands out for his technical competence and also for a very strong commitment to results. Assertive in his comments, he helps a lot in the decision-making processes of companies, always being up to date [...]”

Carlos Gonzalez
Ex-CEO da MMX.
“Alexandre is an excellent lawyer, has great technical knowledge and strategic vision. Extremely helpful and attentive.”

Giselle Oliveira
Head Legal da Leagold (Brio Gold).
“[...] Sion is an assertive, dedicated, organized, competent professional who goes to great lengths to solve challenges. He always focused on solving problems, always being up to date and ready to discuss topics under his responsibility.”

Ricardo Camargo
Ex-Gerente de Desenvolvimento Sustentável na Anglo American.
“[...] His dedication to studies [...] resulted in a competent professional capable of advising Executives and companies on what a company should really know to plan its Environmental Management, and organize preventive actions for Environmental Responsibility issues. [...]”

Thiago Pinto
Gerente Regional de Segurança Empresarial na NOV (National Oilwell Varco) da América do Sul.
“[...] In addition to providing me with the best quality legal support, he has always demonstrated commitment and a high level of commitment in providing the best quality legal support [...]. Very attentive both to ongoing demands and in the preventive aspect with regard to business risks [...]”

Denilson Motta
Gerente Geral de Superestrutura na Transnordestina Logística